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The big owl must be on the end of the branch. It must be placed 3 times on the end for the branch to break it.

Okay the puzzle with the owls is really doing my head in.  I can't find any logic to it.  Please help!

To fish, you need: the fishing rod (in a hut), the hook (to the right of the huts outside), the earthworm (return to the Bantak at the beginning and look at the bottom of the tree). Everything is written on the scrolls!

Ah... that means I already have everything.  Thanks for getting back to me!

Thought I needed to combine the fishing rod, hook and fish first.  Initiation puzzle is interesting, nice one!

Okay I'm trying to find string / vine or something to complete my fishing rod (I have all the other components) - could you give me a hint as to where to look please?